If you haven't been keeping up with our facebook these days, well you're missing out! On missing Rad Robot!  Well, everyone has really been missing Rad Robot these days.  You see, our loveable mascot, the golden boy of the wonderful quirky place known as DudeTown, has vanished.  Yes, Rad Robot is missing!  However recently, he has made been located!  Sort of.  After popping up in outer space, of all places, Rad Robot is now in the process of being rescued.  How?  Stay tuned and you'll see.

Now all this may seem extremely quirky and random but it will all come together in due time.  Rad Robot is going through a relaunch of sorts.  Essentially this is to unify everything a little bit better, add new staples to the Rad Robot Shop and have a better schedule of updating.  You see, I want to bring more of a controlled awesomeness to all of you cool dudes.  Rad Robot is growing and slightly changing.  But for the better.  So stay tuned for updates on facebook, Instagram, and the shop!  You won't be disappointed.  Until then dudes.  Stay Rad.




Hey guys! We've got a youtube channel now!  Thanks to our awesome Rad Robot team member Paul, we're doing it!  What will be on this channel?  Lots o stuff!!! Watch the update video below to find out!  There's still alot of moving pieces so bear with us, but great things are coming!  Subscribe to keep up with updates and all the content that we'll be putting out weekly!  Thanks so much for all of your support dudes!  And thanks paul!!  Guys, don't forget to thank Paul.  He's helping make all this Rad stuff possible!

You da best.



Hey dudes!  We've now got a patreon!  I have many many upcoming projects and content that I'm working on that will be coming out soon.  But I need your help!  In order to keep creating and putting out all of this wonderfully weird content and more(like trading cards, comics, clothes, and podcasts!)  I need your support.  We're looking to fully fund this start up, pay studio bills, and other employees working with me!  So guys, if you can, and would like to, check out our patreon and donate whatever you can!  If you can't, no worries! I still love you implicitly.  Just spread the word!  

But for all my patreon subscribers, you'll be getting rewards!  Anyone that donates $5 or more a month will get exclusive weekly access to a new comic called Game Master!  Launching this Friday, January 22! OH SNAP!

You'll also be getting personalized drawings from yours truly at the end of every month!

So check it out guys!  I'm always trying to add rewards.  We have goals as well and if we meet them, everybody wins!

Click the button below to check it out!

Once again, thank you guys.  I love all of you.  You da best.

we got comics!

Hello all.  It's the holidays and you know what that means. Presents! And I've got multiple for you.  Todays present: We got comics!

 Today I'm launching my comics page.  This is where you'll find silly weird little things that will make you either laugh, or ponder the existence of existence.  I'll be posting at least once a week if not more than that.  Tell yo friends, tell yo enemies, WE GOT COMICS.



Rad Robot has a home.


That's right, behind this door is where the magic now happens.  After alot of work, moving pieces falling into place, and alot of planning, I've now got a working studio up and running and full production of art, comics, clothes, cartoons etc. are all now happening!  Thanks for those that have been with me from the beginning.  

There's still some work that needs to be done to make this place 100 percent, but I really can't believe this is a thing.  So very happy and thankful.  Expect many more frequent updates and media.  Hats, shirts, hoodies, prints, pins, WE GONA HAVE IT ALL FOR YOU TO BUY AND REPRESENT!

And to those of you that are new, well, welcome.  Rad Robot is going to melt your face off.  Be sure to take counter melting face measures.