If you haven't been keeping up with our facebook these days, well you're missing out! On missing Rad Robot!  Well, everyone has really been missing Rad Robot these days.  You see, our loveable mascot, the golden boy of the wonderful quirky place known as DudeTown, has vanished.  Yes, Rad Robot is missing!  However recently, he has made been located!  Sort of.  After popping up in outer space, of all places, Rad Robot is now in the process of being rescued.  How?  Stay tuned and you'll see.

Now all this may seem extremely quirky and random but it will all come together in due time.  Rad Robot is going through a relaunch of sorts.  Essentially this is to unify everything a little bit better, add new staples to the Rad Robot Shop and have a better schedule of updating.  You see, I want to bring more of a controlled awesomeness to all of you cool dudes.  Rad Robot is growing and slightly changing.  But for the better.  So stay tuned for updates on facebook, Instagram, and the shop!  You won't be disappointed.  Until then dudes.  Stay Rad.