Rad Robot has a home.


That's right, behind this door is where the magic now happens.  After alot of work, moving pieces falling into place, and alot of planning, I've now got a working studio up and running and full production of art, comics, clothes, cartoons etc. are all now happening!  Thanks for those that have been with me from the beginning.  

There's still some work that needs to be done to make this place 100 percent, but I really can't believe this is a thing.  So very happy and thankful.  Expect many more frequent updates and media.  Hats, shirts, hoodies, prints, pins, WE GONA HAVE IT ALL FOR YOU TO BUY AND REPRESENT!

And to those of you that are new, well, welcome.  Rad Robot is going to melt your face off.  Be sure to take counter melting face measures.