Ever since I was little I was always fascinated with the Martial Arts.  So one day I decided to start my journey into them and learn all that I could. Years later I have practiced, studied, and competed in multiple styles and it has truly helped me in all aspects of my life.  With it has come ample bruises, failures, and victories.  Physically, emotionallly, and spiritually, Martial Arts have had it's impact on me.

 I have practice such styles as Taekwondo,  Shaolin Kung Fu, Taijutsu Ninjutsu, and others.  I have been lucky to have wonderful teachers who have truly taught me practically and how to apply things personally to myself.  The wonderful thing about martial arts is that I see it as an exercise in creativity.  Every style has something to give, wisdom to impart.  So you learn.  You learn all you can and you store each new technique into your own self.  Then you start to realize, one technique works better than another.  One way of attacking may work for someone of a different body type or stature, but not for you.  So you start to build.  You build your own style.  Keeping the good and throwing away the useless.  Efficiency is whats important.  Keeping hold of the culture and the tradition is important, but so is practicality.  This is the way I approach martial arts.  My "style" is me.  It is a mixture of styles and techniques I have learned and edited to their full potential in reguards to myself.  But you must always first have a foundation set before you can build.  I have my foundation.  And I love learning and building upon it.  In alot of ways it is like art.  Create.  Build.  Express yourself.  In the most efficient way possible.  Cultivate your spirit and your work, and your foundation will grow. I plan to continue practicing and learning for the rest of my life.

  I also teach private lessons.  If you are at all interested or have any questions feel free to message me!