Rad Robot is Heading to Camden Comic Con (2018)

This Saturday (April 14th, 2018) the Rad Robot crew will be making their second consecutive appearance at Camden Comic Con (2018) at Rutgers Camden! This is a big deal for us over at Rad Robot as we had an amazing experience at the con last year! Camden Comic Con was actually our very first convention and to go back again to where we started is truly a big deal for us.

But with that out of the way, here is some information!

Where and When Is Camden Comic Con (2018)?

As previously mentioned it will be at Rutgers in Camden, and it will not be hard to miss! Parking will also be free in select lots throughout the campus. Also, CCC is a one day convention and will be held on April 14th from 10am-6pm.

Camden Comic Con 2017

Camden Comic Con 2017

What Is The Cost of Admission?

Camden Comic Con's cost of admission will be at the high price of zero dollars! That is right, CCC is 100% free to the public, so bring your friends, grandparents or long lost cousins cause everyone is invited!

Where Will Rad Robot Be Located and What Will Rad Robot Have?

Just like every other convention we have been to, we will be located at Artists Alley! We will have plenty of prints, stickers and of course on-the-spot commissions to offer.

We also will have CCC exlusive prints that you will ONLY be able to get at our booth.

And of course the whole Rad Robot crew will be present throughout the convention, so please make sure to stop by and say hi!

That will do it for our Camden Comic Con (2018) round-up! We are super excited to be returning to CCC and we hope to see you guys there!