Everything You Need To Know About The New Rad Robot

Hello and welcome to the newly relaunched Rad Robot! We have been in the planning stages for a while with this relaunch and we are beyond excited to finally be able to share this with everyone. We believe this is the next step for our brand and the next step for us becoming who we truly want to be.

 Now we did make a video going over everything that is going to be exaplined in this article, so if you would rather watch what you are about to read in video form, click the link below! If not, here is everything you can now expect from Rad Robot!

What To Expect

Lets get a few things out of the way, the art that everyone has come to know and love is going absolutely nowhere. As long as you follow us on our Facebook and Instagram you are still going to be treated to your daily cartoon goodness. Another thing, Lee nor I will be going anywhere, so yes you will still have to put up with our ugly mugs for a while longer.

But, what is changing is our look and our consistency. As you can see, we have a new logo! Its the same good ol' Rad Robot but with a rework. We also have new formatting with some of posts, new packaging with our items on the shop and new bushiness cards! 

Rad Robots new look

Rad Robots new look

Along with all this we want to pour out a more consistent schedule with the content that you see roll out from Rad Robot. That means the Rad Robot Podcast, Scientific Leesearch, our Let's Plays, blog posts and even our Let's Draws. Our goal is to have these at least once a week. We are done with the whole one podcast every 4 years ordeal. Our goal is to make a set schedule and we definitely plan to have that as time passes on. 

Why We Did This

Well simply put, we wanted to grow in a more consistent manner.  The re-branding helps us fully realize who we are and how we can keep creating more content under the Rad Robot Umbrella.  When you look at the logo, a banner, a sign, our card, our name, it ALL denotes the same thing.  The same feeling.  Fun.  We want to be fun and let you know it.  We are planning on now having more of a consistent schedule with a more universal feel.  We’re continuing to make and shape a world.  Nothing really has changed and it probably never will.  It’s just become more concise with more art, videos, podcast, and more!


What Does The Future Hold?

Wow.  What a loaded question.  WE HAVE SO MANY PLANS!  But of course a lot of them are far off.  But in the near future, you can expect more good content that you’ve always gotten from us.  Just more.  We plan on having 2 podcasts every week(lee search and the RR podcast), Let’s plays for fun, broken, awful games, art, comics, let’s draws, and more.  We also have more conventions coming up that we can’t wait to see you at!  But the one thing I’m MOST excited about is were building a cartoon.  A full animated short form cartoon!  That is right!  Were all going to go grey!  In all seriousness everything we have planned is going to be and already has been a lot of work.  But we LOVE it!  We can’t wait to show you everything coming up.  We’re just happy to make you laugh and hopefully along the way, inspire you to make and do the things you’d like to do to.


Early concept art for the newly designed Rad Robot

Early concept art for the newly designed Rad Robot

How Can You Help?

By checking us out on our Patreon and Gofundme! Our Patreon will solely be used for all Rad Robot purposes such as tools,cameras, art materials etc. While the Gofundme will be used for helping to fund our original cartoon! So make sure to head over there and help us out! All of your donations are greatly appreciated.



A Thank You

It has been an absolute blast with everything over here at Rad Robot. To making great articles, let's plays, videos and podcasts. This is a job I could have only dreamed of. So this re-branding makes things so much more exciting and I really hope you guys will enjoy it as much as we have. 

But in all honesty, this could have NEVER happened if it weren't for my good pal Lee. His endless work has made this brand into something truly special and I am so glad I am along for the ride. This also could not have worked if were not the support from the audience. So thank you so much for all your support on social media throughout the past year and make sure you stay tuned. Cause things are about to get Rad. 


Guys, thank you so much for coming along on this insanely ridiculous ride so far.  I honestly can not believe we’ve come this far at all!  Thank you so much for sticking around!  I love this rebranding so much and I hope you do to! We have so much farther to go and I can’t wait to grow, learn, experiment, try things, create, and make you laugh.  Seriously, when we meet people and they say they love the stuff Rad Robot puts out, man, there’s nothing that compares.  So without further cheesy things, thanks dudes.  Stay Rad.  You da best. (sunglasses emoji)