Meet the Rad Robot Blog Team!

Hello and welcome back to the Rad Robot Blog! We are still restructuring the layout of the website and the blog, but in the meantime we thought we could take the time to share some stuff about ourselves. We hope to have content popping up here in the coming weeks, but until then, here are our introductions!

Hey guys!  What's up?  It's me Lee!  I'm the creator of Rad Robot and all it's goofiness.  I thought I needed to make a brand that could be the umbrella for which all of my art and creative ventures fall under and this is what I came up with!  Hope you're all enjoying it!  

Anyway, about me, well, I'm an artist who's been drawing since I had the strength to wield a pencil.  Ever since I was given my first Spider-Man comic book from my mom when I was super small, I knew I wanted to draw.   I try to draw and put out creative things every day here at the Rad Robot studio.  These things include art, comics, cartoons, podcasting, editing, making weird noises, annoying Paul, and constantly moving furniture(because I can never settle on a layout).This blog is where we will be giving you more behind the scenes looks as well as little articles about things we love and are inspired by.  If I'm not working at the studio, I'm usually skating around, playing video games, or talking about obscure Star Wars characters that really don't matter at all.  Except to me.  To me they all matter.  I love you Droopy Mcool...anyway.....I'll catch you dudes soon.  Hope you enjoy what we make!



    Hey guys, my name is Paul and I am a co-host at Rad Robot! I help run most of the social media pages around here as well as co-host two amazing podcasts, live stream on our Twitch channel and help Lee get coffee when he needs it (which is always). I have been working at Rad Robot for a few months now and it has been an absolute blast. I am here a few days a week and making a few posts for the blog throughout each month is what I am striving to do.


So, what will I mostly be writing about? I plan to write news stories and opinion based pieces that have to do with anything nerdy that inspires me. Anything that has to do with Nintendo, Playstation, Overwatch, Superheroes, Sports and Movies are my specialty. I already have a few ideas in mind for some articles that I would love to write, so, I absolutely can not wait for them to come to fruition.  


I also currently attend Rowan College at Burlington County where I am pursuing my degree in Journalism. I have always loved to talk and write about my passions, whether it is my love for video games, movies or pop culture. But I have never really had an outlet or place to do such thing, so with this blog I hope to accomplish that and I really hope you guys will join along!

- Paul

Left: Paul  Right: Lee  I wouldn't mess with us either...

Left: Paul  Right: Lee

I wouldn't mess with us either...