E3 2017: Sony Press Conference Full Reactions

E3, the greatest week of the year for all hardcore gamers alike. It's a week with nonstop news, updates and reveals on the years biggest games. There is absolutely nothing like it. While of course, getting to see some sweet demos of brand new software is great, nothing is more special than watching an E3 developer press conference. An E3 developer conference is very simple, a huge developer or company (Sony, Xbox, Nintendo, Ubisoft) comes out on a huge stage in front of a crowd full of journalists and shows off their new software or tech. These conferences usually last about an hour and are always glorious. (Sometimes..)

That ladies and gentlemen is probably the one and only time that you will see Miyamoto ever so calmly frustrated. 

Last time, we reviewed Bethesda's and Microsoft's outing at E3. Today, we will be going over Sony's E3 briefing, while keeping the same format of discussing what I thought stood out and what did not.



1.) 2018 Looks Very Bright For Playstation

A lot of the big AAA games Sony had to show off on Monday night seemed to all have a very common trend. A 2018 release date. Titles such as God of War, Shadow of the Colossus and Spider-Man are all pegged for a release in 2018. While we were all pretty that God of War was a sure bet for this Fall, it is good to see that Sony wants to fill up the whole year in 2018, rather than waste it on this fall. When do I think it will be released? I am gonna bet that Sony wants a game to fill up the same spot that Horizon: Zero Dawn did this year, a late February to early March release. Horizon has been selling astoundingly, so I am sure Sony wants to have a new AAA game every year for that time frame.

For SotC(Shadow of the Collossus), I can easily see this getting pushed back to late Fall 2018, it just sort of seems too good to be true for that title to be released so smoothly with no bumps in the road. We did get a pretty lengthy trailer with quick clips of game play. But from what I am seeing, SotC is not playable on the show floor at E3, so that is not the best of signs if they want the game out in less than a year.  So, I would say expect a delay on that.

Finally, for Spider-Man, I can't even express how excited and pleased I am with this title. The game play they had to show off looked great and made me giggle like a little kid. What is even better is that Spider-Man does look pretty far along in development as we got a good look at some footage, with a full HUD, voice acting and a ton of new game mechanics. I am hoping for a release sometime around next late spring/ early summer. I am going with this due to the fact that we are going to see the release of Avengers: Infinity War in early May, so to see that game line up with the movie in some sort of way seems like a possibility. But, Sony might be holding Spideys game for a huge Fall/ Holiday release for next year, so we will have to see. 

Spider-Man PS4

Spider-Man PS4


2.) Sony Is Not Forgetting About VR

The PlayStation VR is a huge success for Sony. The headset has gone on to sell over 1 million units and consumers are craving for new titles to play and Sony delivered on that. Titles such as Bravo Team, Moss, Star Child and The Impatient made debuted at the briefing. While I believe Star Child and Bravo Team were okay in its on respect. The standouts of the show for VR were easily The Impatient and Moss.

The Impatient at first glance seems like your typical VR horror game, until you start reading into it some more. For those of you Until Dawn fans out there, you are in for a huge treat. The Impatient is a prequel set in the Until Dawn universe, set 60 years before the game takes place. Supermassive Games, who were the creators behind UD, are back to give us this very interesting VR experience. As a huge fan of Until Dawn and (sometimes) horror games, I am 100% down for this. 

On the flip side, Moss looks to be one of the more unique titles in the PSVR library. Personally, I am in love with the simplistic, yet very different aesthetic of this game. From what we see, Moss is going to be a puzzle game featuring the cutest mouse who can probably destroy you if you were to ever mess with him. Moss seems like a fun journey with intense puzzles, that will require the VR headset. As an owner of PSVR, I am always looking for new games to play, as there is not too many out there on the market. But Moss is one I will be picking up and I cannot wait to get my hands on it.

Moss for Playstation VR

Moss for Playstation VR


1.) Detroit: Become Human Continues To Be Shown With No Release Window

Now, in no way am I complaining about this title. Detroit is looking absolutely phenomenal and is easily going to be one of the biggest games on the PS4. It's stunning yet disturbing story telling is nothing I have ever seen before in gaming. There is a huge emphasis on the choices you make and how truly impactful they will be. Of course, we have seen that in games such as the aforementioned Until Dawn, but it seems Detroit is taking it to a whole other level.

So, why is this being put in my Cons section? There is simply no release window. Assuming this is a 2019 title, that means that now this game is going to be overstaying its welcome at E3. If Detroit were to return next year, it would be it's third E3 appearance. We have had games such as No Mans Sky return to E3 countless times before it was released, but after a while it gets tiring to see the same game over and over again. It sometimes will honestly just lower the amount of hype going into a games release. Personally, I believe Sony should have stayed quiet on Detroit and saved this all for PSX (Playstation Experience) later this year, or just saved everything for next years E3. 

2.) There Is No Flagship AAA Exclusive Game For This Fall

This is easily my biggest complaint coming out of this conference. Nothing from this briefing showed anything huge for this Fall that is a PlayStation 4 exclusive. It really is a bummer, but I guess we will just have to wait for next year to see most of the big AAA games that we are looking forward to. I was really betting on God of War to be this Holidays big PS4 game, but as mentioned before, it looks like we will have to wait a bit longer for that. My guess, is that Sony is really banking on the Horizon: Zero Dawn DLC to make a huge impact this Fall (which it will) on top of Uncharted: The Lost Legacy which releases later this August. 

There is no doubt that Horizon: Zero Dawn will be raking in a bunch of sales this holiday season. But it is just a bit odd that Nintendo and Microsoft have a few exclusives to themselves this Holiday and Sony is left with nothing. Maybe Sony has a few tricks up their sleeve? Unfortunately, I believe it is a bit too late at this point. But Sony has done crazier things in the past. 


I believe this year for Sony was way more quiet than usual. This year seemed to be 2016 Part 2. All of the games that made major splashes at last years E3 such as God of War, Days Gone, Detroit: Become Human and Spider-Man all carried over to this year. Don't get me wrong, all of these games look fantastic. I am especially looking forward to God of War and Spider-Man. But it would have been nice to have some sort of extra surprise.

Shadow of the Colossus was a nice little treat, but it is not a sequel, nor is it a new IP. It is just a remake. I will be all over it when it releases next year, but I just really wanted something else. Maybe we were just spoiled too much these past two years from Sony at E3. Or maybe, Sony is holding back everything for PSX later in December. But from what it seems, next year can truly be something special for Playstation at E3. I have my predictions, but that will be saved for another article. 

What did you guys think about Sony's E3 2017 briefing? Let us know!

Next up on the E3 conference analysis, Nintendo. Stay tuned!