E3 2017: Microsoft and Bethesda Press Conference Quick Reactions

E3, the greatest week of the year for all hardcore gamers alike. It's a week with nonstop news, updates and reveals on the years biggest games. There is absolutely nothing like it. While of course, getting to see some sweet demos of brand new software is great, nothing is more special than watching an E3 developer press conference. An E3 developer conference is very simple, a huge developer or company (Sony, Xbox, Nintendo, Ubisoft) comes out on a huge stage in front of a crowd full of journalists and shows off their new software or tech. These conferences usually last about an hour and are always glorious. (Sometimes..)

Yeah, lets try and forget about that.

As of now we have had Microsoft and Bethesda go up for their conferences. So, I will be making my short analysis on the two conferences from last night!



1.) Fallout 4 VR and Doom VR

I am absolutely in love with VR and I am an even bigger fan of the latest Doom reboot. While I am not too keen on the Fallout series, I believe this is a great announcement for Bethesda. VR is slowly making its way into the mainstream and with Bethesda putting spin offs of its core IP's into the Virtual Reality spectrum is a great move. Unfortunately,  it seems that these games are only heading to the HTC Vive. But hopefully we will see these be released on Oculus and Playstation VR in the near future.

2.) Sequels to Wolfenstein and The Evil Within

The Evil Within and the recent reboot of Wolfenstein were both critically and commercially successful for Bethesda. So, for them to go ahead and announce these sequels is absolutely no shock to me and I believe it is a great move. Bethesda has been pacing themselves very well with their lineup of FPS games of late. Games such as Wolfenstein: The New Order, Prey and Doom have shown that they are capable of producing great FPS content. For, The Evil Within 2, it is always good to have a new horror game out there. It is a genre that is in need of help and with the recent release of Resident Evil 7 and soon to be The Evil Within 2, it seems the horror genre is on the right track.



1.) No Release Date For Skyrim on Switch

Now, this might be getting a little picky. But to show off a full trailer, with new content and mechanics yet you still do not show the release date? A bit odd. They are still keeping their word of a Fall 2017 release, but with them not saying anything does get me a bit worried. As a huge Nintendo fan, I do not see the big N going ahead and talking about this on their E3 stream. So, If Nintendo wont do it and Bethesda did not reveal a date. Should we still expect the port to be hitting this fall? Time will tell.

2.) No Big Surprises 

If any company needs a new flagship open-world IP, it is Bethesda. While of course, they have Elder Scrolls and Fallout, there needs to be something new in the mix. Fallout 4 is already a few years old and the new Elder Scrolls is still a long way out. So, maybe add something new to keep things fresh? I might be asking for too much, but Bethesda is one of the gaming industries most talented developers and for them to pull that off should not be the hardest task.




1.) The Focus on Games

While to me, most of the exclusives Microsoft had to show us were very underwhelming, it is good to see them make such a huge push on software. Microsoft is always at the butt-end of every joke due to their lack of exclusives. While I believe the joke still holds up, it is relieving to see that they are really pushing for these exclusives. 

2.) The Xbox One X

Yes, I like this console. A lot.  I believe Microsoft has a genius plan going on with the whole "Xbox Family". You know will have three different versions of the Xbox One. You now can have the regular Xbox One for casual gamers. The Xbox One S for the gamers in the middle of casual/hardcore. Then, finally, we now have the Xbox One X. An almighty console behemoth. The most powerful console ever made. This console is for the absoulte most hardcore gamer and I could not be more excited. Except, there is a catch.. 


1.) There Is No Game That Makes The Xbox One X Worth It

This is the catch. Out of the 40+ games that Microsoft had to show off yesterday, not one of them had me or anybody going "I need to buy an Xbox One X". On top of that, nothing they showed justified the hefty price tag that the One X has at $500. You will of course have the hardcore Xbox fans lining up on November 7th to get their hands on this powerful console. But what about the general audience? No casual gamer is going to want to cash out $500 just to play their Madden or Call of Duty in a slightly better looking resolution with slightly better power.

I am not bashing Microsoft for the way they explained the One X. They actually made it very clear and simple. They let everyone know that the One X is NOT new console. It is still the Xbox One, just a better version of it. Think of the iPhone 6, the One X is simply the iPhone 6s. 

I am not the huge Xbox fan that I once was as a kid, but I always will have a soft spot for them. Here is hoping to next year, when they will hopefully land on their feet and get themselves back in the console race. Cause, oh boy...they have a lot of catching up to do.