Rad Robot is Heading to Retro Con!

This upcoming weekend Lee and I will be taking a trip to The Greater Philadelphia Expo Center to attend Retro Con! We have been to a few conventions before this, but this is looking to be like a convention like no other. A huge number of attendees are expected and great special guests will be attending as well! This is shaping up to be huge, so we thought we would make a quik guide for everything you need to know about Retro Con!

When and Where is Retro Con?

As mentioned before, it will be taking place at The Greater Philadelphia Expo Center in Pennsylvania. The dates for this convention are Saturday, October, 14th and Sunday, October 15th! The times for each day are slightly different though. Saturdays hours will be from 10am-6pm while Sundays hours are adjusted to 9am-4pm. 

What is Retro Con?

Retro Con is a convention that is made for everyone who loves a blast from the past! The main focus is geek culture that was set around the 1980's. So properties such as Transformers, He-Man, GI-Joe will all be heavily praised over at Retro Con. Not only are old Toy lines and Cartoons a main focus, but so are classic video games. So even if Transformers isn't your thing but your a fan of retro games, then this will be the place for you!

Retro Con Logo

Retro Con Logo

On top of all of that, the special guest lineup is very impressive. Dirk Benedict and Dwight Schultz from the classic A-Team TV show will be making a presence! Along with them will be Rob Paulson who you will recognize from classic cartoons such as Animaniacs, Pinky and the Brain, the original TMNT cartoon as well the current TMNT show on Nickelodeon. Arthur Burghardt who you will recognize as the iconic villain, Destro from the G.I Joe cartoon will also be attending. Finally, for the more modern guest, Youtube and Cinemassacre star James Rolfe who plays The Angry Video Game Nerd will be making an appearance on Sunday only!

How Much Does it Cost to Get In?

Retro Cons pricing varies on the day that you would like to attend! If you are looking to go Saturday only than it will only cost you $20 to get in. A Sunday only ticket will run you just $15

What Will Rad Robot Be Doing?

We will be presenting and selling our same, creative and amazing art just like we have at our past conventions! We will have everything that you want such as our fun prints, our lovable stickers and our cool on the spot commissions!

We unfortunately do not have the exact location that we are going to be at, but when we do find out we will make sure to post on our Facebook and Instagram, so make sure you are following them so you can get instant updates!

And that is going to wrap it up for our Retro Con information article! If you are heading over to Retro Con make sure to stop at our table to say Hi and check out our art! We love meeting new faces as well as returning ones. Going to these conventions is a blast, but the absolute best part is getting to meet the fans. So we hope to see you guys there!